Intex Saltwater System flow sensor connector

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Intex Saltwater System flow sensor connector

Postby bdcs64 » Fri 08 Jun, 2012 15:08

I started to have code 90 "low flow" alarms and after trying everything in this forum, and buying a replacement flow sensor, I have realized that one of the female metal connectors on the plug for the flow sensor is missing.

I suppose it became damaged/loose and fell out after taking the flow sensor on and off so many times to clean etc.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and was able solve/reapir on their own or had repaired by Inte (and if so, what was their experience and cost).

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Intex Saltwater System flow sensor connector

Postby mig3 » Sun 01 Jul, 2012 16:11

I tried a bunch of things to try to solved but none works so what I did, I just bypassed the connectors with a piece of wire, and is working fine, I'm out of warranty anyways the worst thing can happens is to buy another chlorinator.

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