can't keep the water clear

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can't keep the water clear

Postby guest » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 11:29

We have a gunite pool that we cannot seem to keep clear. It seems to go from being okay one day to slightly green and cloudy the next. Help!! :(

Postby fysh » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 12:51

What's your chlorine readings? How big is your pool? I'd take the CL up to 12 ppm with a good shock. Then get some polyquat.....(whatever--after that don't matter, just make sure it says "polyquat" on label) and add a few ounces and run pump all nite and see if that clears it up.
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can't keep the water clear

Postby guest » Thu 09 Jun, 2005 14:21

It is 25k gallons. We shocked it yesterday so the chlorine level is high right now. I will take your suggestion on the polyquat...



Postby PaulInOntario » Sun 12 Jun, 2005 21:26

Mine is 22000 US gallons & keeping the chlorine level up throughout the season should keep algae at bay. I shock mine every week with 5 gallons of liquid chlorine.
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